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Is anyone using a fiber optics connection on the internet 2 right now? is it faster than a t1 based,internet1?

Yes, the Internet 2 does exist to all you newbies out there. And the T1 connection is one of the fastest broadband connections next to fiber optics.

Fiber optics internet?

I heard qwest has fiber optics internet. And I know fiber optics is faster than cable or DSL. But I was wondering. What that runs through? What is it exactly? Does it run through the phone line or through cable...

Is fios (fiber optics) internet speed shared like any other internet providers?

I'm not too sure if anybody knows clearly on this top but I want to know like in the future if Fiber Optics Internet speed will still/be shared or if each internet speed will be individualized to each individual...

Who has switched their phone & internet to fiber optics? is it better in every way?

We got an offer from Verizon (near Philly) to switch and it's less than the DSL we have with them now. Getting the phone upgraded as well sounds like a win-win. Comments or Experiences?

Who knows how much a person will make realistically with ems at&t fiber optics?

Did anyone do this and it worked for them? EMS selling fiber optics cable, internet and phone door to door. How difficult was it to make sells and make money. How many hours a day were you working and how much...

I have a project and its about the cost of fios fiber optics. where do i look up on the internet?

I'm a culinary student and when it comes to computers and things of such i'm totally clueless. Recently, in one of my required class i was asigned to a group, and it just so happened to be a goup of boys....

In st. louis missouri does charter communications use fiber optics?

I have so much trouble with Charter Communications Internet Service. I am wondering does the company use fiber optics and does anyone out there have same problem with this company?

What internet connection should i get cox or verizon(fiber optics)?

I have Cox but people say i lagg in xboxlive should i get verizon

Can someone help me understand which companies (cable, teleco) use copper, coax or fiber optics?

Trying to get a sense of what a common connection is: Example: Cable company has coax connection from the hub, then copper wire in the "last mile" to my house. And finally, what the ideal connection...

Fiber optics vs cable ? why didn't cable companies follow through?

I just learned Japan is pretty much covered with fiber optics for 40.00 a month and get 100 times faster internet than I do with this (1 meg) copper cable wire. For about 40.00 a month. What happend in the 90's...

How does an fm station connect to a remote fm transmitter tower? fiber optics or a dedicated coaxial?

that question always got me. because you got stations that are like 20 minutes from the empire state building yet these stations use the transmitter. I don't know if its an elaborate scheme with an internet...

Today i saw a fiber optics installer he said they are installing in every city why?

is this the internet 2 control whatever to 1st response, they want internet 2 control of the lines

Wireless router - fiber optics cable, normal telephone cable?

I don't know much about this, by the way, guys: I have this wireless Linksys router in the basement. Because most of our laptops are in the second floor the signal strength is not very strong. I want to move...

Is a fiber optic internet speed affected by the wiring of your house?

Also can anyone confirm if they connect the fiber optic wire directly to the modem and does switching to a new service in Chicago grant you free / reduced fee re wiring of your house? Also when is it planned to...

What is fiber optics, dealing with computers?

im a little confused what fiberoptics are and also whats e3 internet and what makes a computers network internet run slow?

Is cable faster than or slower than and/or less secure than fios (fiber optics)?

is cable internet faster than fios? i know that fios will be more consistent, like a dsl connection but without being all slow like a dsl, or is it? thanks. i know this is sort of a repeat question but i think...

What exactly is fiber optic communication capable of?

I've been doing a lot of looking into Fiber optics and Fiber to the Home. throughout all of my searches i have yet to land on a page telling me the exact capabilities. Anyone know what this stuff is capable...

4.which one of the following has the highest speed.a.twiste dpair cable b.coaxial cable c.fiber optics cable?

d all e.none 5.which one of the following is note advantage of UTP.arelatively expensive c.is a familiar technolngy b relatively easy to instoall d.b&c e.all 6.which of the following is not required to cnstract...

Can someone explain to me what makes fibre optics go much faster than dsl lines in accordance to internet?

I'm wondering if it is light that travels through the cables?

Pls what is the meaning of fibre optics in internet connection?

pls if i could find only a site or if you can explain i'll appreciate.

How do i switch my internet connection to fibre optics?

wont it affect my normal connection. presently i'm using asianet connection (broadband) of speed 64kbps. and co-axial cable?

Fiber optic internet?

I'm thinking about getting fiber optics, but I don't understand the speed measuring system. My cable internet runs at 100 Mbps. The fiber optics say they run at 5/20 max 5Mbps. Wouldn't that be way...

How does fiber optical cables work? is it digital?

Hello, I know that the light in the cable hit transmitters or something or other, but, Does the actual light send out digital data? Like images? (talking internet cabled fibre optics) Any other information would...

How did i get lucky and get fiber optic service where i live?

I live in a relatively rural southwestern Indiana town of about 10,000 people. Cinergy Metronet started to install fiber optic and now I have fiber optic internet, TV, telephone. Much faster (by at least 5 times....

What high-speed internet services are available in spokane washington?

I would like to get fiber optics, but I can't seem to figure out if that is available in this area. Is there Verizon FIOS or AT&T Vurse? Or some other company that provides fiber optic? If that is not available,...

I have internet reliability issues. can i connect cable internet and dsl if i have 2 ethernet ports?

I know the 2 ethernet ports are typically used one for the internet, one for networking, but can I connect both to the internet, one via DSL and one through cable to improve my reliability? I run a small server...

What is the fastest internet service provider in san diego, ca?

Hi! I moved back to the States from Japan and I'm looking for a really fast ISP. I was spoiled in Japan because I used Fiber Optics (100 Mps). I know that's not really available at an affordable price here....


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